Student Work

Cincinnati Land Art Institute:

What is a building on the edge of a city? The land art institute lifts it's fields into the air but maintains a porosity, thickening of the edge.

Blacksburg Culinary Institute:

Constructed inside the old National Bank building in downtown Blacksburg. Much of the heavy masonry structure is maintained, with interior columns taking the load. Large cuts for the stairs connect the interior spaces and reveal structural elements.

Centro Nuevo:

In Cumbaya, Ecuador, the city is in need of a cultural space for the people. After an analysis of the city, the building becomes an interpretation of a courtyard house on the scale of a block. As the building moves from the street to the interior of the block, it's geometric rigidity breaks apart.

Model Construction:

I have always enjoyed working with my hands, and used my time as a student with access to a full shop facilities to fabricate my models with a mixture of digital modeling, laser cutting, and wood working.

Aldo Rossi's Modena Ossuary scale model.

Louis Kahn's Exeter Library scale section model.


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